Teachers invited to invest in education


Earwig is raising capital through a crowd-funding site so teachers can have a stake in their own futures.

Earwig’s unique technology reduces teachers’ workloads, connects with parents and improves Ofsted scores. Since teachers are the ones who will really understand the value of this technology (and it’s huge potential) Earwig is using crowdfunding to provide teachers with an opportunity to take a small stake in what will be a big business.

Earwig have floated 10% of the company on CrowdCube, specifically to attract small investments from teachers and school staff, so that the future of schools can be determined by educators themselves. For as little as £20, they can have a stake in the system that will revolutionise the way they manage their teaching evidence.

Crowdcube.com is the website made famous by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Kevin McCloud, who have both successfully raised money in this way for their own ventures. Earwig has raised £40,000 in the last two weeks in this way, and has set a target of raising another £100,000 from educators by early January.


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