Get rid of the ‘ipad wall’ at next year’s nativity

Christmas play 1

We are calling upon parents to rid next year’s school nativity of the scourge of the ipad wall.

Last week, on stage during his first nativity, little Johnny shyly peered out from under his wise man headdress to search for his loving parents’ faces in the audience … only to be met with a sea of ipads, cameras and smartphones. Not a single smile could be found behind the ‘digital audience’ as parents recorded the play.

In fact the ‘ipad wall’ is such a mood killer that many schools have already banned them, but parents do want a record of such an important (and very cute) milestone in their child’s development.

Luckily, Earwig have a solution …

Next year, get rid of the ipad wall by getting one parent or teacher to film the nativity and one to take photos of each child. These can then be uploaded to the secure Earwig site for every parent to view and download. You can even buy framed prints of the photos (wouldn’t those make great presents?)

Teachers use digital media as evidence of achievement in school, for Ofsted and their own records, but parents rarely get to see these images. Earwig’s simple and highly effective digital media system organises these into a timeline for each child, creating an incredible chronological timeline of their school career, which parents can view live and keep forever.

Earwig software saves teachers time and every parent (and Ofsted inspector) loves it. So, if your school doesn’t use Earwig, just ask them when they want it installed. Earwig even offer £100 of Amazon vouchers for every parent who introduces Earwig to their child’s school.

Just call 0333 6666 166 or email


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