Beat the back-to-school blues

The back-to-work dread hits many of us at this time of year but, since we often consider teaching a vocational line of work, we assume that teachers love their jobs and look forward to a new term. But latest statistics reveal that 50% of teachers leave the teaching profession within five years. And the statistics are getting worse.

Some 47,700 teachers left their jobs in the year 2010-11, up from 40,070 in 2009-10, according to Schools Minister David Laws.

Chris Keates, of the NASUWT, said: “These figures come as no surprise; they confirm the findings of a recent NASUWT survey which showed that 84% of teachers felt demoralised and de-professionalised and that over 50% of teachers had seriously considered leaving the profession in the previous 12 months.”

It transpires that for most teachers it’s the arduous and overwhelming amount of administration that ruins their enjoyment of the job. However, the new and unique Earwig system is solving this problem for teachers across the UK.  Earwig has been described by teachers as ‘essential’, ‘a brilliant idea’ and ‘exactly what teachers need’. Every teacher who has used Earwig has found their workload reduced and that both their Ofsted inspectors and the pupil’s parents are kept informed and happy. Which all equates to happy teachers – which is what our education system urgently needs.


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