Are you an innovator or a laggard?

There are five categories from the most innovative minded – to the least. The question is, which are you?

As with anything new (remember when Facebook was this strange idea that you heard about on the grapevine) it takes a few forward thinkers to start the ball rolling. An ‘Innovation Adoption Curve’ chart from communications Professor Everett Roger’s book Diffusion of Innovations, shows how convincing the masses to adopt a new idea is useless – first you need to convince the innovators.

Roger’s chart shows five types of people and exactly where the tipping point, from innovators to the majority lies. Tapering off as the laggards finally catch up.

Earwig reduces paperwork for teachers whilst generating an income for schools is a prime example. Its startlingly different software is already being used in the most innovative classrooms and each and every week, more schools sign up. In fact, every teacher or school introduced to Earwig has immediately subscribed and it is revolutionising their classrooms.

 Slowly and effectively Earwig is helping teachers and yet Earwig is still not yet widely known amongst educators. It’s probably still in the first ‘Innovators’ stage. But it will start to snowball.

The question is which are you? An innovator or early adopter of revolutionary technology, or are you a laggard? Call Earwig today to find out 0333 6666 166.

Or come to the Earwig stand at the Education Innovation Show this week, 27th-28th February.


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