The real reason teachers are striking …

ImagePay? Classroom discipline? Pensions? What is the real reason our teachers are striking?
And do you agree with it?

The whole country was affected by the teachers strike on 26th March and they’re already planning another.
But is it fair?  Teachers get long holidays and it’s a vocational job – what are they so unhappy about? You may be surprised …

A study of UK teachers by Earwig Academic reveals that the chief answer to the question ‘Why are you striking?’ was workload and stress.

When teachers were surveyed, only 4% chose pay, 7% chose pensions, 3% chose performance management and 22% chose classroom discipline. The 54% majority attributed workload to the reason why they chose to strike.

One teacher replied, “Most stress is caused by workload, no question. If I was offered a 25% pay cut for a 25% reduction in workload I would take it.”

One in five teachers leave the profession within five years and many say that during term time they do a 60+ hour week.

OJ headshot 1Owen Jamieson, co-founder of Earwig Academic states, “Teachers aren’t striking because they want to, they’re striking because they feel there is no alternative. They would rather be teaching. Teachers are telling us, as parents, taxpayers and voters, that they can’t go on like this. Striking is a cry for help.”

Owen was a teacher for over 20 years. He designed the Earwig achievement reporting software package specifically to help reduce teacher workload.

He went on to say, “Earwig enables teachers to create, store, organise and present teaching evidence in half the normal time. We’ve been delighted with the response from schools. We’ve even had teachers tell us that Earwig has given them back their sanity. We’re very pleased to be making a real difference.

If you are, or know, a teacher affected by stress have a look at this link to The Guardian about how to cope.

And then, call Earwig.


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