Earwig’s new app receives 5 star review

The prestigious Educational App Store has made an independent review of the latest version of the Earwig Academic app and has awarded it its highest rating of 5 stars, calling Earwig …

An incredible system for schools to streamline and revolutionise reporting and parental engagement”.

The comprehensive review praises the ease of use of the app …

“Rather than spend hours printing, cutting and pasting photos into different notebooks and files, the Earwig app makes it incredibly easy to take pictures which can then be used in a rich variety of ways within the web application.”

And the positive changes to the future of the classroom it enables …

“… the use of video opens up whole new ways to record and report on learning in the classroom.”

“Whereas teachers would never have been able to spend this much time communicating with individual parents in the past, using the Earwig system a rich volume of relevant information can be given to parents with almost no extra effort.”

They laud its EYFS functionality …

“… the system is currently set up with the EYFS curriculum outcomes loaded in, making it especially advantageous for early years teachers and other staff involved with this age group … meaning that evidence is automatically organised and development reports become incredibly easy to prepare and print as required.”

And summarise the software as a whole …

“It is hard to fault this product for its genuine ambition to change the lives of teachers, lessening administration time whilst simultaneously vastly improving the volume and quality of recording and reporting that can take place.”


What the app does:

The app and it’s associated software allows teachers to record and present teaching evidence whether they’re in the classroom or on a school trip. Multimedia teaching evidence (including video) can be quickly recorded, annotated and automatically filed – all ready for the next Ofsted inspection.

The app also allows video to be used as teaching evidence, promoting much clearer demonstration of achievement within non-core subjects and giving a rounded view of the pupil’s capabilities.


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