Reducing paperwork could save our teachers


In March The Guardian published new statistics about the working lives of our teachers. Notably;
  • 2 in 5 teachers are considering leaving the profession within five years
  • Over 80% of schools have struggled to recruit new teachers
  • More than 70% of teachers felt that the teacher shortage was already affecting children.
Headteachers are equally vulnerable to pressure according to Valentine Mullholland, policy adviser at the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) who said: “We’re seeing an increase in school leaders being dismissed if they have one bad inspection. ‘Football manager syndrome’ is on the rise in British schools.”
However, recent advances in technology mean that there is a way to ease the pressure on teachers. In fact, Earwig Academic’s cutting edge software improves almost every one of the issues cited by teachers as contributors to their workload. And can reduce teachers’ administrative workload by 50%.
Earwig automates the recording and presenting of teaching evidence and has even just released an assessment tool that works with every assessment framework the school is already using to make assessing quicker and easier.
4,382 teachers were surveyed by The Guardian. They were asked which of the following contributed most to their workload …
Guardian stats
Earwig’s Co-Founder Emilie-Kate Kidd explains:
“Earwig can contribute substantially to reducing stress for teachers in each of the top four categories cited by teachers in The Guardian. Of particular value will be the new Earwig assessment module, which has been demonstrated to reduce the amount of time teachers spend on assessment by 50%”.Earwig can help with …

  • Ofsted inspections
  • Government policy changes
  • Lack of sufficient PPA time
  • Data input/management
  • Parental demands

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